Fiz confronts her runaway mum

Cilla tries to ease her conscience over abandoning Chesney by giving Kirk a grand each for Chesney and Fiz. Cilla boasts to everyone in the Rovers about her plans for a glamorous new life abroad, but when Fiz finds out what her mum is up to she gives her a piece of her mind. Cilla is unrepentant and she says her goodbyes to the street.

Molly and Tyrone are getting increasingly wound up by Paul, and Molly is starting to realise that Tyrone is right and Paul is not to be trusted. The couple go flat-hunting and find the perfect place but Molly does an about-face and she tells Tyrone that they should stay put at the Duckies to keep an eye on Paul.

Roger’s loan to Leanne is causing problems in his relationship with Janice and when Roger wonders whether Leanne will return his money soon, Janice accuses him of only staying with her because he’s waiting for the debt to be paid. Roger counters that Janice is only letting him stay because Leanne owes him money but the couple manage to reassure each others’ fears.

Also, Leanne is pleased when the restaurant gets a good review in a local magazine.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Paul turns up for work to discover that there are two heavies waiting for him and he beats a hasty retreat home. One of the heavies, Stuart, tells Leanne that he needs to find Paul as Paul stole £500 from him when he worked for him. Leanne is backed into a corner when he threatens to reclaim the money from her and she tells them where Paul lives. Paul panics when they come knocking and he begs Tyrone to hide him.

Fiz discovers that Kirk has already spent a sizeable amount of the money that Cilla left Chesney on buying Chesney a games console to cheer him up. John wonders if Fiz should involve social services, but she’s determined to keep Chesney out of care.

Jerry has invited Kevin over to Italy with him and the two men set off on their holiday. Jodie is still fuming about being left to babysit yet again, while Sally is also not best pleased at the thought of Kevin having a boozy weekend away with Jerry.

Also, a surprised Eileen gets a call from a delighted Todd saying he’s received an invite to Jason’s stag do and the wedding!