Sally and Kevin still have many unanswered questions about Rosie‘s abduction and are surprised when Rosie defends John’s actions. Tony gets wind of Rosie’s return and arrives at the house with a bunch of flowers, but Sally is suspicious of his motives. Sally quizzes Rosie, who eventually caves in and confides in Sally about the video of Carla and Liam kissing and Sally is stunned. Meanwhile, Fiz is confused when the police tell her they want her to come in for questioning.

Tony is worried when his accountant spells out in no uncertain terms that his business is in dire straits and he is hugely in debt. Tony is told that unless he starts selling the apartments fast he may soon be facing bankruptcy.

Ken grills a weary Peter about his plans for Simon and points out that he needs to enrol him in school. But it is all Peter can do to stay awake while he is in charge of his son, never mind plan his future.

Also, Janice is grateful for Leanne’s support when she offers to go to court with her. But Janice is still struggling to win round the factory girls, who are refusing to speak to her over the fraud.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz is stunned when it suddenly dawns on her that the police think she was involved with Rosie’s abduction. Fiz is released after convincing them that she had no idea what John was up to. Fiz visits a hopeful John, but crushes him when she makes it clear that she only wants answers and it’s over between them.

Sally decides to see Rosie’s footage of Carla and Liam for herself and manages to save the information onto a memory stick just before Tony arrives at the office. He’s oblivious to what is going on, however, as he is more concerned with his finances and he resorts forging Carla’s signature so he can take money from the payroll to finance his property business.

Peter struggles to be a full-time dad and despite Ashley telling him that things will get better he decides the only option is to do a runner and leave Simon with Ken and Deirdre. But Ken rumbles his plan and insists he stays and faces up to his responsibilities.

Also, Janice gets off with community service; Molly and Tyrone find themselves caught up in another of Pam’s scams when she ‘treats’ them to a slap-up meal at a posh restaurant.