As a petrified Fiz is lead into court to stand trial for John’s crimes, he watches from afar. The trial begins with Fiz taking the stand as the judge reads out the three murder charges she is facing. The first witness for the prosecution is Brian, who confirms Fiz posed as Mrs Fishwick. Dorothy Hoyle and Joy’s solicitor then take to the stand to support this story.

It’s not looking good for a terrified Fiz and as the prosecution put forward a strong case, suggesting she helped John kill Colin Fishwick, Fiz is forced to listen on helpless in the knowledge that she may get life in prison.

Guilty Sophie doesn’t know what to do after her night out with Amber and is in turmoil after their kiss. She finally confides in Kevin after calling work saying she is sick and can’t make it in.

Also, Rosie takes some new pictures of Jason’s flat in her bid to get it sold.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz is ready to give up as Hayley takes the stand. She does her best for Fiz, but the prosecution have a damning case, supported by forensics. Visiting her in prison Chesney promises to everything he can for her in court tomorrow, but a despondent Fiz tells him she needs a miracle.

Sophie tells Kevin she regrets kissing Amber and is going to confess to Sian. But Kevin advises her that everyone makes mistakes and she should focus on showing Sian how much she loves her. Taking this on board Sophie makes Amber promise to keep quiet, but when Sian surprises her by arriving home early Sophie proposes!

Chris perpetuates his lie about his health and continues to play the dying man in front of Cheryl and Lloyd. However, when Cheryl insists on going with him for his latest test results Chris panics inwardly.

Also, John watches Rosie from a distance. Learning that she’s taken responsibility of selling Jason’s flat he calls the estate agent and books a viewing.