*First episode*

Rosie leaves the house in the morning with Sally and when she spies John across the road kissing Fiz goodbye she glares at him. John guiltily pulls away from Fiz, who is infuriated and assumes that John pulled away for Sally’s benefit. Fiz’s suspicions increase later in the day when John helps Sally with something in her eye. Fiz sees John leaning over Sally and assumes the worst – and gives a stunned Sally a stinging slap!

Violet is worried when Sean insists that he will get the courts involved if she won’t let him have proper access to his baby and Sean takes time off work to go to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. Jamie worries that the situation is affecting Violet’s stress levels and he suggests she move out of the Grimshaws’ and into a flat with him.

David receives a court summons for driving without a licence or insurance and he makes the most of playing the sympathy vote. Jason takes pity on David and agrees to play computer games with him instead of carrying out a long list of chores that Sarah has left for him.

Also, Jerry is too busy to go on a date with Eileen.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz has a huge bust up with John when she refuses to apologise to Sally for hitting her and Fiz refuses to believe that nothing was going on. Fiz storms up to Kevin in the pub and tells him that she saw John and Sally kissing! Kevin agrees to team up with Fiz to find out what is going on.

Jason escapes his heavy conversation with David and heads to the cafe, despite Sarah’s list of chores that are waiting for him at home. Jason helps out Becky when a tap in the ladies’ breaks and accepts her offer of a drink to say thanks. Sarah returns home and she’s left fuming when she discovers that not only has Jason been having a cosy chat with David, he’s helped Becky with a leaky tap and not done any of his chores!

Sean is disappointed when he discovers that it will cost him thousands of pounds to fight Violet in the courts and he decides to come to terms with the fact that he will never be a father. Sean is still not talking to Violet and it looks shaky as to whether the former friends will be able to make up.

Also, Jerry struggles to run the shop single-handedly.