Fiz goes from victim to suspect

As Fiz recovers in hospital the police return revealing they’ve decided to exhume Joy Fishwick’s body. They need to investigate her death now that they know someone claimed her inheritance. With the net closing in, Fiz has gone from victim to suspect, and feels the pressure to confess.

As Steve clears up the trail of destruction left by Becky, she’s holed up at the Croppers now a broken woman. Tracy’s quick to comfort Steve, offering to bring Amy round to spend time with him. Her plan is to keep Steve on side over Amy’s custody. But Becky has been receiving support from an unlikely source and decides to return home, having found the strength to talk. She walks in to see a happy family scene in front of her and wonders why she bothered.

Dreading Auntie Upma and Grishma’s questions Dev and Sunita decide to lie about their financial situation.

Also, Graeme battles his emotions as Xin prepares to leave the street, but it seems David isn’t the right person to confide his worries in.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

At the station a despondent Fiz is grilled by the police and ends up telling the detectives everything. As she’s forced to take them to the spot where John dumped Colin’s body, she’s chilled by his crimes. She prays that the police will accept her frank explanations, and her claims that she knew nothing of John’s involvement in Joy’s death. But she’s worried she’ll be charged with conspiracy to murder.

Becky gives Steve an impossible ultimatum. As Steve races after Becky he begs her to hear him out. Emotional, he asks Becky to consider some of the awful things he’s forgiven her for in the past and asks her to do the same for him. Steve’s insistent their marriage is strong and they can fix it. Becky agrees their marriage can be saved, but only if they move away from the street and never come back. Steve knows that to save his marriage he has to agree.

As the Aunts pile the pressure on Dev about his money worries, he and Sunita are forced to come clean

Also, Lloyd and Cheryl face a few teething problems as they set up home together.

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