Fiz is horrified when the police arrive at the factory and arrest her on suspicion of murdering Colin Fishwick. At the station a devastated Fiz is still reeling as DS Barrett goes in hard accusing her of being with John as they killed Colin, then helping him do away with Charlotte. On the ropes Fiz attempts to fight her corner, but she is unable to convince the police who charge her.

Leanne won’t have anything to do with Stella despite Peter urging her to reconsider. At the pub Stella is in turmoil as Eva’s hostile attitude frustrates Karl. Sensing the damage she’s doing to both Leanne’s family and her own Stella prepares to leave. But when Peter points out that if she abandons Leanne again she’ll never get another chance, Stella is torn.

The girls are on a high following the success of the auction, but James has some bad news for Sian and Sophie.

Also, Tyrone’s surprised to see Sally still helping Kevin with Jack, and starts to soften towards him; Kylie’s fed up with Gail muscling in on her wifely territory with David.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz pays the price for all of John’s sins as she is led into court to plead not guilty to Colin’s murder. As she’s remanded in custody and her solicitor explains she’ll apply for Hope to join her in a mother and baby unit, Fiz can’t take in how quickly it’s all happening. After asking that the Croppers care for Hope for now a terrified Fiz is taking away to contemplate her future alone in a cell.

With only days to go til the house auction James admits the only thing they can hope for now is that a benefactor comes forward with a big donation. Thoughtful Sophie asks Kevin to loan them the money, appealing to his charitable nature.

Aware she’s messing everyone around Stella pleads with Leanne to hear her out. Claiming she should have handled this better she tells Leanne she’ll never abandon her again. But Leanne isn’t interested and tells a heartbroken Stella that she’ll never be her mum.

Also, fed up with Gail looking down her nose at her, Kylie tells David they need to get a place of their own.

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