Fiz is jealous of Maria and Tyrone

Fiz watches suspiciously as Tyrone quietly tells Maria that he’s had another text from Kirsty. Scrolling through Tyrone’s phone, she’s furious when she discovers the latest message from Kirsty. However, when she finds out Tyrone’s already shown the text to Maria, she breaks down and tells him she’s jealous of their continued closeness.

Not wanting to hurt Nick’s feelings, Leanne says she’ll think about his suggestion of a family holiday with her and Simon. An excited Nick tells Kal that Leanne has decided to give him another chance, leaving Kal bemused as to where he stands.

Sophie’s angry when Maddie kicks off at Dev in the shop. She takes her aside and gives her a strong reality check, telling her she needs to start behaving better if she wants people to treat her better.

Also, Sinead is worried when Beth excitedly tells her and Chesney about her forthcoming operation in Latvia; Steve talks Dev into doing the 5k charity run with him, telling him how much he wants to beat Lloyd in the charity race.