Fiz is emotional when the Croppers bring Hope to visit. It’s a huge wrench as she hands her back over at the end of visiting, but she’s determined to stay strong. Back behind bars Fiz’s cellmate offers her something to take the edge off her pain. Despite being torn apart after seeing Hope Fiz remains strong.

Peter’s shocked to hear that Carla has accepted Frank’s proposal and Leanne’s quick to have a dig at her, causing the two women to nearly come to blows.

Witnessing the exchange Frank decides drastic action is needed and dupes her into a meeting at the Bistro with Leanne and Peter. After getting them to sit down he makes a speech in the hope of clearing the air.

Sylvia’s cost-cutting causes havoc at Roys Rolls. She insists on no more freebies, charging for condiments and ushering people out when their cups are empty!