Fiz needs some space and tells John she is going away, he begs her to let him come along, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. With Fiz gone a dejected John heads to Charlotte’s where he reveals Fiz has left him. Unable to hold back the tears, John breaks down and Charlotte takes the opportunity to comfort him.

Lewis feels guilty as Audrey dreams of leaving for Greece, but sticks to his plan and heads to the bookies with his pre-franked betting slip, the winning horses now written on it. Alone with Deirdre he works his magic and flirtatiously suggests they have a drink. When she pops home for a corkscrew he dives into the till replacing yesterday’s dud betting slip with his fraudulent winner. But when Deirdre returns to find the door locked she demands answers. He knows he needs to work fast to get out of this one.

Eileen takes Owen to inspect the Dobbs’ house with her, and a stressed Molly is outraged as he pulls the place to bits. But when she’s struck with a piercing headache Tyrone panics.

Also, Cheryl makes it clear to a gutted Lloyd that they’re just friends; Nick hedges his bets as Natasha insists they make a decision about renting Dev’s flat.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Deirdre’s severely tempted by Lewis’s flattery, but through a supreme act of will she asks him to leave. In the pub later she struggles to compose herself, but Lewis is the consummate actor giving no hint of what happened. However, when Audrey reveals the hundred thousand will be in their foreign account by Friday, Lewis’s guilt suddenly gets the better of him. He tells Audrey that if she has any doubts about them as a couple, it’s not too late to back out or at least hang on to the salon.

At the hospital Molly’s diagnosed with high blood pressure and told she needs plenty of rest from now on. As she’s admitted overnight Tyrone worries she’s been doing too much and wants to call off the house move. But Molly is still feeling guilty and desperate to get away from Kevin before the baby is born she needs to persuade Tyrone otherwise.

Nick’s deliberately evasive about both renting Dev’s flat and helping Natasha buy into the salon. Later, when alone she takes something out of her bag – it’s a pregnancy test.

Also, Ches tells John he needs to fight for Fiz if he wants her back; and things go from bad to worse for Lloyd and Cheryl.

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