Fiz meets a fellow camper (VIDEO)

Beth, Kirk, Craig, Chesney, Sinead, Tyrone and Fiz all arrive at the campsite in Wales. When Tyrone struggles with the tent they recruit the help of a fellow camper, Dougie. Craig goes wandering and bumps into a girl who is busy with a sketchbook.

Sarah confronts Bethany when she gets back from Paris and Bethany demands to know why Callum dobbed her in it. But he manages to talk his way out of trouble. Later, Callum reminds Sarah that she should keep her mouth shut about the gun or her family will get it. Sarah unburdens herself to David, Kylie and Gail and Gail insists they phone the police.

Jason sees Callum speak to Sarah in the Rovers and notices how shaken up she is. Later, Jason warns Callum to stay away from Bethany and Sarah, before tipping a pint in his lap.

Also, Alya tells Carla she intends to buy the factory and takes on the meeting with Mr Hanlon, telling him she’s keen to impress.