Fiz confides in Julie that she is finding it difficult to get on with John because of other people sticking their oar in. Meanwhile, John tries to convince Maria that he is truly sorry for what he did to Fiz but she is having none of it. John decides they would be better off living at his gran’s house in the country and he confides in Lloyd, who lets slip to Fiz. John is gutted when a furious Fiz tells him that if their relationship won’t work in Weatherfield, it won’t work anywhere and they may as well split up.

Tom tells Liam that they are launching their new range in New York and that they should go over for the fashion show. Maria is having none of it and puts a stop to Liam going anywhere – much to Carla’s amusement!

Becky suggests that she and Jason go to view a property they have seen in the Gazette, but they’re stunned by the state of the place. It looks as though it isn’t going to be as easy as they’d hoped to set up a love nest.

Also, Vernon tries to tell Liz about his songwriting plans, but she’s more interested in flirting with Harry.