Fiz reacts badly to her visitor

Fiz is troubled by silent phone calls and feels that she’s being watched. Fiz gets another phone call and is stunned when the mystery caller speaks and reveals himself to be her cheating lover John Stape! Fiz is furious and tells him to leave her alone, but later when she leaves work he is waiting for her. Fiz is gobsmacked when he tells her that he has returned to win her back!

Steve is desperate to worm his way back into the Rovers and he visits Michelle and gives a sob story about Amy being upset about their separation. Steve is chuffed when Michelle agrees to act like nothing has happened when Amy is around and they sit down to a family breakfast. Steve tells Lloyd he’s on to a winner, but Lloyd warns him that using Amy as emotional blackmail is a bad idea.

Jerry is getting confused about his medication and loses track of how many pills he’s taken. Later, Jerry confronts a reluctant Teresa and tells her that it is time she finally moved on. Jerry suddenly takes a funny turn and collapses.

Also, Gail is suspicious when she gets home to find the house in perfect order and decked out with new plants.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz is shaken by John’s return and she keeps it a secret in the hope that he will disappear. But Sally finds out when he is spotted in the cafe and she warns Rosie about his return. Rosie insists that John was a big mistake and there’s no going back for but they realise they need to tell Kevin before he sees John and does something stupid. Meanwhile, John makes plans to move back to Weatherfield permanently and he applies for a job at Streetcars.

Michelle finds it tough having Steve around the flat and having to play happy families in front of Amy. Carla is outraged with Steve and tells Michelle that he is using emotional blackmail. Steve is stunned when Michelle tells him that he has to pack the rest of his things and leave.

Teresa desperately yells for help after Jerry’s collapse and Kevin helps get him to the medical centre. It soon becomes clear that Jerry hasn’t been taking his medication properly and Teresa talks to Gail to work out a foolproof method for him to ensure he takes the tablets correctly.

Also, Gail realises that the super-tidy house is holding a few secrets and David is rumbled!