Fiz receives some prison ‘justice’

When Fiz finds out that Ginny is back on the drugs she lays into Ruth, enraged by her lies. Ruth has had enough and reveals her true colours to Fiz, threatening her with violence if she grasses her up to the guards. Meanwhile, the governor calls Fiz in and tells her she will find a place in the mother and baby unit if Fiz grasses up Ginny’s dealer.

Norris is still missing and Emily and Mary are worried sick. So when Sylvia brazenly lets him out of the locked loo they’re stunned. However, Roy is mortified and vows to teach Sylvia a lesson.

Julie’s convinced she’s blown her chance with Brian again. But sick of her moping Eileen calls him over and insists they sit down and thrash it out. As the pair talk it seems love will win through.

Also, Becky takes solace in Hope; Kylie hooks up with Eva, while the cat [David] is away.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Ruth sees Fiz coming out of the governor’s office and fears the worst. When Ruth’s room is then raided and a stash of drugs found, the word is out that someone grassed Ruth up. Fiz keeps quiet, but when she’s told a place has opened up in the mother and baby unit and it’s hers, Ginny starts to put two and two together and Fiz finds herself on the receiving end of some prison ‘justice’.

Gail seethes as Kylie and Eva flirt with a couple of lads in the pub. Knowing it’s winding Gail up, Kylie ups her game and refuses to go home. As she waits up for Kylie, Gail suddenly decides it’s time to teach Kylie a lesson and plot revenge. Meanwhile, Audrey asks Marc to move in permanently and he agrees.

Sylvia waits on Norris’s every need as he milks his ‘victim’ status at the cafe. But she makes sure she serves him with bad grace.

Also, Becky‘s deflated to hear that Hope will soon be joining Fiz in prison; Julie and Brian finally get it on, while a lonely Eileen checks out an online dating site.