John lies unconscious on the bed, while Rosie races out of the house with Fiz in hot pursuit. Fiz persuades Rosie to stay calm and stay put and calls the police. Back at the Websters’, Sophie is opening a birthday card when the call comes in from Rosie. Overjoyed, they race to John’s gran’s house to find her safe with the police. John is taken away and a devastated Fiz returns to Coronation Street and explains to Kirk and Julie what has happened.

Maria feels bad about accusing Liam of getting up to something with Carla, as he’s not around to defend himself. Tom tries again to explain that he set up the deal with Carla behind Liam’s back, but Maria can’t stop the niggling doubt that something was going on between Liam and Carla.

Steve and Becky are alarmed to see Hooch arrive in the Rovers and Steve desperately tries to distract Michelle. But once she’s out of the way Becky goes into flirting overdrive with Steve for Hooch’s benefit.

Also, Peter offers to get some fireworks for Simon, but when he still hasn’t returned by nightfall Ken is forced to go to the Kabin and get some instead.