Kirk is full of hope when Fiz sends him a text and tells him that she wants to see him, especially when Cilla assures him that Fiz must want him back. Kirk splashes out on flowers and a bottle of Cava, but he’s devastated when Fiz admits that she invited him over to tell him that she’s seeing someone else! Maria feels terrible for her brother as he drowns his sorrows in the Rovers.

Liz arranges an afternoon of passion with Derek and tells Vernon she’s going on a brewery lunch. Liz meets up with her lover at his brother-in-law’s empty flat but just as they’re getting down to business, they are interrupted by a call from Derek’s wife, Linda, who is on her way over to the flat. Liz rearranges herself in a hurry and flees the flat, passing an oblivious Linda on the way out of the building.

Meanwhile, Carla is still keen to get Leanne to invest in the Italian restaurant with her and she approaches her about the idea yet again. Leanne is tempted but she’s worried about finding the cash.