When Fiz catches Hope about to push Joseph down the stairs she’s horrified to realise that all the bad behaviour she’s been blaming on Ruby is actually Hope’s doing. Desperate to patch things up with Fiz a remorseful Tyrone calls round, apologising for his fling with Gemma and explaining he’s booked Ruby in for therapy. Fiz is awash with guilt herself.

After a row with Shona about her parenting skills, Josh invites David to join him and his friends for a few beers in town. Making out his mates have let him down, Josh meets David on his own and none the wiser David orders more drinks.

When Liz and Robert overhear an argument at the medical centre between Ali and his legal mother Wendy, where she’s begging Ali to let her back into his life, Robert is quick to report back to Michelle.

Toyah has to cover for Eva as Leanne’s incredulous about how much she’s eating, claiming it’s due to her break up with Adam.

First episode of the evening.