Fiz is shocked when Tyrone snaps and smacks an innocent Ruby

Fiz feels even more guilty when her lies cause Tyrone to punish Ruby when Hope cause more trouble

Tyrone has lost his keys and is furious with Ruby when Hope tells him that she hid them. A guilty Fiz confides in Chesney that she is still letting Tyrone think Ruby is the naughty child. Fiz decides the time has come to tell the truth but as she and Tyrone sit down for a meal water drips through the ceiling and Tyrone discovers the sink plug blocked – assuming it is Ruby he smacks her and Fiz is horrified.

David is distant with the family as they plan Harry’s party. Maria is shocked when David tells a hurt Sean to keep the details of his love life to himself. When Shona kisses David on the neck he pushes her against the wall and kisses her hungrily.

Carla vows to put things right when Michelle confides in Carla that she wishes Ali would come to the wedding.

 Tim makes the mistake of buying new wallpaper from Kirk. Gail visits Rosemary and tells her she is interested in hearing what Richard wants to say to her.

First episode of the evening.