It’s an emotional day for Fiz as she returns to the street after being released on bail. But her hopes for a fresh start soon fade when Michelle explains there’s no work for her and a trip to the job centre proves fruitless. As news of Fiz‘s release spreads, the gossip starts. Her friends throw a surprise drinks party in the pub, but when Sally makes it clear she’s not welcome tempers flair.

When Chris stops Russ from talking to Lloyd a confused Russ decides to bunk off school. He’s caught by Lloyd who takes him home to Cheryl, explaining how Chris shouted at Russ for trying to talk to him. Cheryl confronts Chris, who storms round to Lloyd’s in a rage.

Ciaran’s desperate to convince Michelle to return to sea, but she explains what she wants out of life – to put down roots and have kids.

Also, Matt apologises to Tina for their row, saying he only wants what’s best for her. But as he pushes her to look into going to college, Tina’s annoyed; Tommy and Tyrone attempt to wind up Brian with their home-made UFO.