Fiz struggles to resist jilted John

Chesney demands to know what’s going on between Fiz and John, but Fiz promises him that it’s nothing. An unconvinced Chesney takes Kayleigh out to the park, but school bully Kenzie starts causing trouble. Chesney defends his girl, but Kenzie is soon getting the better of him. John arrives just in time to break up the scrap and is sure that his good deed will win him Brownie points with Fiz. But when Chesney gets home and Fiz notices his bruises, he lies that John beat him up. Fiz is appalled.

Tony continues his plan to force Kevin to sell him the garage and he turns on the charm with Rosie. Tony convinces Rosie that it will be in her dad’s best interest to sell up and he asks her to help talk him round.

David invites Tina to a music festival and he is disappointed when Tina turns him down flat. David asks Amber instead in a bid to make Tina jealous and it seems it might be working.

Also, Julie gets a job at the factory; nosy Norris finds an envelope at Emily’s entitled ‘to be opened after my death’ and finds it difficult to resist temptation!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz confronts John and slaps him for ‘hitting’ Chesney. A stunned John insists that he helped Chesney, he didn’t attack him. Kayleigh backs him up and Fiz is forced to apologise and she confronts Chesney for lying. Chesney confesses that he was trying to make sure she kept her distance from John. Fiz promises she’d never give John a second chance, but when she takes John for a drink to apologise she lets her guard down and they kiss!

Tyrone tries phoning his mum Jackie to wish her happy birthday, but she seems to have gone AWOL. Tyrone worries when he finds out that she’s back from Spain but nobody knows where she is. Eventually Tyrone gets hold of her on the phone, but something in her manner leaves him feeling uneasy. Molly decides it’s time they paid the legendary Jackie Dobbs a visit.

David’s plan to make Tina jealous seems to be working when Darryl reveals that Tina is gutted that he’s taking Amber to the festival instead of her. Meanwhile, Gail and Joe enjoy another secret date.

Also, Marcus gets an earful from Sean on his return from London; Emily lets Norris read the contents of the secret envelope.