Fiz takes the stand!

As an exhausted Fiz takes to the stand in court charged with fraud; her friends are all there to support her. But when she pleads guilty the case is referred to crown court for trial. She is terrified she may be taken down to await trial, but is thankfully granted bail and is relieved to be reunited with Hope.

When Tina insists on cooking a farewell dinner for Xin, Graeme’s horrified. But unable to admit the truth he’s forced to go along with it. However, when Tina takes a call from a restaurant in Leeds to confirm Xin’s start date she smells a rat. Believing Xin was leaving for a nursing job, Tina demands to know what’s going on and Xin is forced to reveal her lies.

Shocked by the skeletons in Dev’s closet Upma and Grishma tell Sunita she should find herself a decent man. The pair resolve to split Dev and Sunita up.

Also, Kevin comforts Sally as she relives their ordeal with John; Tracy offers Steve access to Amy, claiming she’ll sign any agreement they can draw up.

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