Fiz visits John in prison

Fiz and Kirk ask Ken for his advice on home tutoring Chesney. Ken gives them a list of recommended private tutors, but Fiz is overawed by what she’ll need to do. She tries to explain to Chesney that she’s looked into getting a tutor and it’s too expensive, but Chesney’s adamant that he won’t go back to school. Desperate Fiz finds herself in prison sat opposite John.

Tony is still suspicious about how much Luke knows about Liam’s death and he wants answers from his private investigator. The PI has discovered that Luke was a friend of Paul Connor’s and took out a huge loan to buy Carla’s share of the factory. He can’t clarify whether he ever met with Carla and Tony demands he keep looking.

Michelle helps Peter clean the smoke-damaged bookies shop. Peter tells Michelle he feels terrible about how selfish he’s been and he wants to make it up to his family. Michelle is impressed by his attitude and softens towards him.

Also, the Windasses return from holiday and Anna makes them promise there’ll be no more trouble with the neighbours; Norris tries to be enthusiastic when Mary says that now her mum has gone they can travel the world together.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

John is thrilled to see Fiz, but she struggles with her emotions and is keen to get straight to the point. John is only too happy to agree when Fiz asks him if he’ll give her some guidance over home-tutoring Chesney. As Fiz gets up to leave John blurts out that he still loves her and hopes she’ll visit again. It was what Fiz had feared hearing and, her emotions in a whirl, she rushes out, while John worries he’s blown it.

Tina’s back from her holiday and makes up with Gail, who then plays mediator in order to get Tina and Joe talking again. A truce is called, but Tina tells Joe that she’s not happy with him living at Gail’s when they’re no longer an item. Tina suggests they get a flat together and Joe is railroaded into agreeing.

Norris announces to a stunned Rita and Emily that he will be joining Mary on her round-the-world trip. Mary is thrilled that her dream finally seems to be happening.

Also, Rita sets about planning Colin’s surprise 70th party; Michelle’s impressed with the new, improved, and sober Peter and after some persuasion agrees to go out for dinner with him.

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