Fiz invites John for dinner and it’s not long before they’re kissing, but they’re interrupted by a horrified Maria. Fiz is shame-faced when Maria points out that Kirk will be gutted when he realises that Fiz has another man on the go and Maria demands that Fiz break the news to Kirk rather than let him hear it from someone else.

Carla calls round to Janice’s to take Leanne out to lunch and Janice is miffed when snobby Carla is sniffy about her flat. When the girls are out at lunch at the Italian restaurant, Carla tells Leanne that the restaurant is up for sale and suggests that they go into partnership and buy it. Leanne says yes before she thinks about what she’s agreed to and the money involved.

Liz’s affair with Derek is going smoothly but she when she finds out that Derek’s wife Linda works at the Red Lion she can’t resist checking out her competition. Liz drags Deirdre along and starts up a conversation with Linda, but a confused Linda thinks Liz is trying to chat her up!

Also, Violet has another date with Gary, but can’t stop going on about babies!