Fiz won’t take no for an answer

Fiz goes to visit John in prison after becoming concerned about his behaviour, she pleads with the Governor to let her see him, but it’s clear she is getting nowhere near him – despite the fact he is on suicide watch. After making a scene she realises that desperate measures are called for. John is stunned when he is called to the governor’s office and, via the CCTV screen, he sees Fiz chained to the prison railings complete with a banner asking him to marry her!

Rosie is nursing a hangover, but still wants to invest in Underworld. Despite Kevin feeling unsure Sally wastes no time in finding Luke – if Rosie is going to invest in the factory she wants Rosie’s job as his PA.

Jack is worried about the problems he is causing between Molly and Tyrone, and tells Pam that Tyrone only has his best interest at heart. Molly is convinced that Connie is good for Jack and tells Tyrone he is having tea with them later whether he likes it or not.

Also, Slug calls in the Rovers again to see Becky; Minnie manufactures a date with Jason much to Tina’s amusement; Bill and Pam agree to write each other’s adverts for the personal ads.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz’s very public protest forces the governor to relent and let her see John. He is overjoyed, and tells her he can’t live without her. She repeats her proposal in person and an ecstatic John accepts before he is dragged away by the prison officers.

Kevin is horrified as Rosie heads out to meet Luke dressed to the nines in a very raunchy outfit. In the Rovers Luke can’t believe his luck as Rosie makes it very clear that not only does she want to invest in the factory but she also doesn’t mind mixing business with pleasure.

Molly cooks dinner for Tyrone, Jack and Connie, but the evening gets off to a bad start and gets worse when Tyrone accuses Connie of just being after Jack’s money. Jack is furious at Tyrone’s behaviour and tells him that he is going to look for somewhere else to live.

Also, Tina watches Jason make a fool of himself with Minnie telling him she won’t play Minnie’s understudy when he gets the brush off; Becky tells a suspicious Steve that Slug is an ex boyfriend who used to have a drug problem but has now cleaned up his act.

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