In the first of two episodes tonight, it’s Billy’s big day as the Olympic torch comes to Walford. Alfie reassures Billy that he’ll be back in time for the Olympic relay after convincing him to play in the Queen Vic away match. The team are disappointed when Alfie makes Kat stay behind to look after the pub. After the lads set off, Kat texts her secret lover. On the tube one person receives a text, but who is it?

The team suffer an embarrassing defeat and head home on the tube. Tempers are frayed and Max tries to break up a fight between Derek and Jack. Anthony panics as Derek kicks off and hits the train’s emergency stop button. Billy is horrified, fearing he won’t make it back in time for the relay. Meanwhile, in The Arches Lola’s waters break – the baby is coming!

Cora and Patrick pick the choice items from Joy’s house clearance for the charity shop before the Moon brothers can get there. Cora plays along with their pretence that they’re a couple, but feels unsettled. Furious that he’s missed out, Tyler tells Joy about Cora and Patrick’s fake romance. When Joy confronts them in the Vic, Cora kisses a surprised Patrick to ‘prove’ they’re together!

*Second episode, 9.00 pm

Alfie negotiates with the tube driver as Billy panics about getting back for the Olympic relay. The train moves off, but the police are waiting for them at Walford station. When Billy’s pleas to leave fall on deaf ears Anthony creates a diversion so Billy can escape. Meanwhile, Kat is waiting for her lover in the love nest. Thinking she’s been stood up, she scrawls ‘big mistake’ on the mirror in lipstick and storms off.

Lola’s baby is on the way, but instead of going to the hospital she’s fled to McKlunkey’s in a panic. Realising she’s broken her curfew, Lola insists no one call an ambulance as she’s worried her baby will be taken by social services. When Cora learns Lola is in labour, she takes control, while a terrified holds Jay’s hand tight.

In a specially filmed live insert, Billy sets off on his relay, while Patrick and Ben are prevented from telling Billy about Lola. Billy basks in his moment of glory as he passes on the Olympic flame, thrilled to see Jean with William and Janet. Billy is stunned when Fatboy reveals Lola is in labour. He arrives just in time to see Lola give birth to a beautiful baby girl!