As they flee the Weeping Angels, the Doctor gets his team into the spaceship, Byzantium, but they have been followed by the statues who are gaining in power. The group escapes into a forest inside the spaceship, swiftly followed by the Angels. Amy though, gives cause for concern when she starts counting down numbers because there is an Angel inside her mind.

The only way to save her is to get her to close her eyes while the Doctor, River and Octavian, the leader of the soldiering clerics, leave to discover more about the crack from Amy’s bedroom wall which has reappeared in the Byzantium.

Before he is killed by an Angel, Octavian tells the Doctor he’s been guarding River who has been in prison for murder.

In the forest, a mysterious light appears due to the crack, and as the Angels encroach, the Doctor and River guide Amy to safety.

The Angels ask the Doctor to sacrifice himself, but gravity fails and they plunge into the crack in time themselves. River promises the Doctor she will return at the opening of the Pandorica.

Amy reveals she is due to get married, but she kisses the Doctor. As he rejects her, he realises she is the key to a deeper mystery.