Tess is on pins as the outcome of Fletch’s tribunal looms. Fletch took the flak for his ex-lover, after she accidentally attached the wrong drip to a patient, almost killing him.

Anxious Tess, who hasn’t been sleeping properly since her mistake, is distraught their lies might cause Fletch his job. When she has a dizzy spell at her home, Fletch takes her to the ED, and a quick test shows Tess’s blood sugar is low. Tess brushes it off as nothing but concerned Fletch has a quick look at her medical records and makes a startling discovery – Tess has recently seen a gynaecologist!

He asks her straight out if she’s pregnant, only to be given the cold shoulder. Later, alone at the end of their shift, Fletch reveals he’s been let off with a warning by HR and Tess admits the truth about her termination.

Fletch walks out and goes to the pub, but kindly Charlie pops in to see if Tess is okay and offers her a shoulder to cry on.

Elsewhere, Robyn’s stepbrother Max (Jamie Davis) is broke and beginning to out-stay his welcome with nurses Robyn and Jamie. 

Guest stars to look out for this week include Gwen Taylor – better know as Anne Foster, the mother to Carla’s rapist boyfriend Frank Foster in Coronation Street. Gwen plays stubborn deaf woman Mary Hobson, who refuses to tell angry daughter Sally (Hollyoaks’ Katherine Dow Blyton) her father is deathly ill.


Skins’ April Pearson also makes an appearance as loved-up Amy, who has no idea her boyfriend Dave (Prisoners’ Wives’ Reuben Johnson) has slept with her brother!