Fletch finds the lost heroin

Myra is stunned to find a bag of heroin in Michaela’s drawer and tries to find Calvin to get rid of it, Meanwhile Michaela is adamant the drugs aren’t hers. When Myra gets home and discovers the heroin missing from her bag, she immediately blames Michaela, who is horrified that Myra and John-Paul still won’t believe her. Michaela is forced to leave the McQueens’ to live with Niall, with Myra unaware of the danger she’s putting her daughter in. Elsewhere, Sasha is unimpressed when Fletch turns up, clumsily giving her advice for her exam, which surprisingly helps Sasha pass. But Fletch has clearly got something to hide, having picked up the packet of heroin Myra dropped in the village.

Summer and OB arrive back from London with Summer excited about moving down south. OB’s more concerned about losing the girl he loves, prompting Summer to ask him to move to London with her. OB agrees it’s time to leave Hollyoaks.

While Newt looks forward to cheating on his geography test, Lauren has doubts about blackmailing Russ. Meanwhile, OB convinces him that discipline is the way forward. As Newt and Lauren do the test, they realise their plan has backfired and it’s clear to Russ who the blackmailers are.

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