Fletch has plans for Sasha

Sasha refuses to accept Calvin’s apology, and shows Danny the bruise he gave her, before she packs her bags and leaves with Fletch to stay with Amy and Ste at their council flat. Determined not to let his sister live in squalor, Calvin tries to convince Sasha to return home but only manages to make things worse when he insults Fletch. Sasha then takes full advantage of not being under her family’s watchful eye and sneaks off to the bedroom with Fletch. However, she’s shocked to learn that Fletch has kept the heroin from Michaela’s party. But her curiosity gets the better of her when Fletch suggests they should try some.

Jake’s strange behaviour unnerves Nancy as he continues to make plans for their wedding regardless of her wishes. She’s further disturbed by Jake’s announcement that he’s arranged for them to be married in the hospital chapel, so Charlie can be there. However, she feels powerless to stop him.

While Danny regrets breaking up with her, Hannah pretends everything is OK in front of Beth. Later, Hannah is given food for thought when Danny explains he’d never do anything to intentionally hurt her and asks for another chance.

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