Fletch is back!

After receiving the GCSE results she expected, Sasha is shocked when a dishevelled Fletch arrives at school and she agrees to spend some time with him. Sasha believes Fletch when he says he hasn’t done heroin for a while, but soon realises he’s lying. Sasha desperately pleads with Fletch to sort his life out but he runs away, stealing her bag.

A petulant Jacqui continues to make life unbearable for Tina at the McQueens. Meanwhile, Tony is upset after being dumped by Jacqui and heads round to the McQueens to try to talk her round. Despite her anger at Tony, Jacqui finally understands that Tony had to give Max back to Tina for his own good. Accepting her dream is over, she decides to move back in with Tony.

Cindy is annoyed when Steph allows Niall to take Tom to the park for the day and accuses her of forgetting about Max. Steph defends herself but Cindy is horrified that she let Tom go off with the man who killed Max. As Steph begins to regret letting Tom go, Niall asks for Tom’s forgiveness for the accident.

Also, Louise struggles to keep up with Mandy’s demands for their wedding business.

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