Fletch is down and out in Holby!

Last week Fletch made the life-changing decision to come clean to his wife about having an affair with a co-worker. This week, having spent a night in the on-call room at the hospital, Fletch is left wondering whether his wife Natalie will take him back.

Not sure whether to book a budget hotel or not, the cheating nurse’s hopes of a reconciliation are raised when Natalie turns up at Holby asking to speak with him. But it looks like Fletch is in for a long, lonely Christmas when Natalie makes it abundantly clear she can’t bear to be with him!

Meanwhile, nurse manager Tess panics when she sees an unhappy Natalie at the hospital. Tess goes in search of former lover Fletch and demands to know if he’s told his wife about their affair…

Fletch reassures Tess he kept her name out of his confession, before going to the hospital car park to explain to his three heartbroken kids that daddy won’t be spending Christmas with them.

As Fletch watches his family drive away he’s overcome with regret and remorse. Unable to deal with his emotions Fletch throws himself into his work, but he still has to face the fact he’s got nowhere to live!

Elsewhere, Sam has to work hard to get back into Tom’s good books, Big Mac starts his first shift as an Emergency Care Assistant, and normally reserved Lily proves a big hit at the Christmas karaoke party!

Finally, Fletch accepts an offer to doss on Robyn and Jamie’s sofa.