As Michaela, Josh, Fletch, Sasha and Amy prepare for their first exam, Josh is furious when Michaela lets slip that they cheated on their coursework. Meanwhile, Fletch wants another hit, but Sasha wants to stay focussed for the exam and tells him to wait. Unable to resist, Fletch caves in and arrives for his exam totally off his head, and fails to complete it. Later, he sinks even lower when he tries to steal money from Drive N Buy.

After Gilly rebuffs his attempts to be friends, things get worse for Rhys when he becomes the subject of jibes about his incestuous relationship with Beth. He confides in Sarah who begins to soften towards him, until he admits he used her to make Beth jealous. Hurt Sarah lays into Rhys for his cruel behaviour, prompting him to return home and tell Gilly he’s leaving.

Lauren convinces Niall to let her work a shift at Evissa to earn the cash for a birthday present for her mum. Meanwhile, having persuaded Leo to pay for a trip to a salon for a birthday treat, Val turns up for a pampering session, forcing Lauren to hide. But when a concerned Leo arrives looking for Lauren, Niall has to reveal her hiding place.

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