Fletch’s gambling addiction escalates

Fletch ignores the first rule of gambling this week – never bet more than you can afford to lose!

Over the past month viewers have seen the fun loving nurse bitten by the gambling bug. It started small with playful bets with colleague Cal before he moved onto low stakes online gambling.

This week Cal introduces Fletch to spread betting on the stock exchange using his mobile phone. The problem is, to start Fletch needs a £500 introductory stake and that’s almost a month’s mortgage payment for the father of four!

Earlier this month Alex, who also starred in Waterloo Road and The Bill, announced Fletch would be moving from Casualty to sister medical drama Holby City. He also revealed Fletch’s escalating gambling problem will play a major part in the move.

At the end of this episode, we see Fletch lose his entire stake – and desperate to win it back.

Elsewhere, Doctor Ash’s daughter Ella ends up in the emergency department again after taking ketamine at a party!

Ash recently moved the out-of-control teenager in with him to keep a closer eye on her. This week he allows Ella to go out with friends. But, unknown to him, she winds up at a house party thrown by nurses Robyn, Lofty and porter Max! When Ella has a dangerous allergic reaction to the drugs, Robyn’s forced to call the paramedics. Ella is treated at the ED and makes a full recovery. However, both Ella and Robyn are horrified when Ethan reveals he’s called Ash to pick her up. Ella fools her father into believing she was admitted for being too drunk. But how long can she keep the truth from him?