Having been ditched by wife Natalie and charged with assault by ex-patient Peter, Fletch’s hoping for a better start to 2014. But when there’s an explosion in a bar on New Year’s Eve with Peter inside, Fletch risks everything to save his accuser. As diabetic Peter becomes unconscious and the burning building collapses, heroic Fletch resists paramedic Jeff’s pleas to leave and insists on staying by Peter’s side. Jeff breaks protocol and goes inside to help Fletch. Together all three men miraculously escape, and Peter realises he owes his life to Fletch.

Meanwhile, Tess confesses to Charlie that she, and not Fletch, was responsible for giving Peter the wrong IV many months previously!

Elsewhere, Robyn is dealing with a young patient who seems to have lost his voice. With a little bit of TLC and help from the Internet she discovers he’s a budding singer with serious stage fright. She manages to persuade him to sing in the New Year.

Peter dumps his abusive partner and drops all charges against Fletch. Both Tess and Fletch put the past behind them and agree they’re going to have a fantastic friendship in the future.

Charlie arranges to meet up with his son, Louis, in 2014.