Fletch’s secret is out!

Sasha steals a purse from a mother and baby in Il Gnosh to buy more heroin for her and Fletch. But Fletch pockets the money and pretends he’s lost it. Later, at the Battle of the Bands, Fletch suddenly disappears, only to emerge backstage, clearly out of it. After Josh and Michaela are booed offstage, Michaela accuses Fletch of taking heroin. When Fletch denies it, Michaela searches his bag and comes across the last of his stash. But as she goes to confront Fletch, Leo catches her with the heroin in her hand. Dom is ashamed of himself for lying to Tina about being attacked. Afraid that she’ll find out the truth if he reports it to the police, Dom insists he just wants to forget about it. Jacqui asks Carmel to help them get hold of the Evissa CCTV tapes so they can identify the gang that attacked Dom. As Carmel, Tina and Jacqui watch the CCTV footage, they realise Dom was actually attacked by a gang of girls. Dom turns up as the girls see Russ rescuing him on the footage and he is forced to admit the embarrassing truth. Also, Max tries to retrieve Steph’s engagement ring from Tom’s belly, but it seems Tom is unwilling to cooperate. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip