Fletch’s tower block terror!

Fletch is held at knifepoint at a notorious tower block while working with paramedics Jeff and Dixie this week.

Local kids are terrorising petrified neighbour Barry, who’s rumoured to be a paedophile. Fletch notices teenager Darren running towards Barry’s flat with a lit firework and instinctively chases him. But just as Darren reaches his intended target, the firework explodes in his face.

After months of intimidation, paranoid Barry won’t call an ambulance, as he’s scared locals will lynch him if they discover there’s an injured boy in his flat. Instead Barry demands Fletch treats the lad then and there. With the teenager in critical condition and Barry waving a knife the situation is grim…

But Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) manages to make good his escape and get help before Darren dies.

Ash is shocked when daughter Ella turns up at the hospital with her friend Shania, who has been sprayed in the face with hairspray. Ash, who is treating shopkeeper Asif for similar injuries, demands to know what’s going on!

Ella says she was forced to defend herself from Asif when he mistakenly attacked them for shoplifting. Zoe, however, suspects the girls have been shoplifting when she spies large quantities of make-up in Shania’s bag!

Yet Ash still isn’t ready to face up to the truth about his wayward daughter.