Flirty Eve eggs on John

That frisky filly Eve is frolicking around Butler’s Farm and gets herself covered in mud. So, of course, she has to have a shower. And as she dresses, Farmer John walks in and can’t resist flirting. But he’s going to wish he had… Later, in The Woolpack, Eve continues their banter – right in front of Moira. The brazen hussy! Moira points out to John how much Eve fancies him and pretends to laught about it. But she corners Eve and points out the foolishness of messing with married men. Will Eve take the hint – or see John as a challenge?

Aaron is definitely a challenge to Paddy. The vet is worried about Aaron going to prison and thinks Aaron should be worried, too. It seems Aaron is determined to take his punishment, rather than speak up for himself in court. But he is concerned about the toll his problems are taking on Paddy… That’s progress – at least he’s thinking about someone other than himself!

Elsewhere in the village, the alpha male feud between John and crafty Cain continues. John talks a good fight, demanding that Cain fixes his Land Rover properly. But with Cain, actions speak louder than words – and he causes further damage to the vehicle.

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