Flirty James gets Moira alone in a hotel (VIDEO)

As far as James is concerned, his plans to seduce Moira are on track. Away from the village in a hotel, they’ve struck the deal he’s been working on, and now he and the sexy farmer have a night to kick back before they return home and to reality. And he aims to make the most of the opportunity of having Moira to himself. Thing is, Dan has told Cain about James admitting to having a crush on Moira – and the raging mechanic is on his way…

There’s an emergency for Rishi to deal with as his pregnant daughter doubles over with stomach pains! In hospital, the barmaid is given the all-clear but, later, Leyla isn’t about to allow her friend to brush her problem under the carpet. Will Priya finally open up about what’s going on in her head?

Paddy acquires two piglets – but Rhona insists the animals will not be staying. Bernice is done with internet dating and asks Nicola and Marlon to take her profile down.