Oh dear. Carly’s shop’s been flooded and, surprise, surprise she hasn’t got any insurance! When she tells Daddy Dearest, will Bob tap in to the funds Brenda has earmarked for Gennie’s memorial playground? Cash-hungry Carly’s already on the case with Val as she threatens to expose her fraudulent doings to Pollard unless she coughs up some cash! When Val refuses, what will Carly do next?

At the factory, Jai snaps at Megan. She pays him back by arranging to meet Leyla, knowing it will scupper her cheating husband’s plans. Trying to act normal with Jai, Megan feigns support when he unveils plans to do Rachel out of a job to strengthen his custody case against her. But Megan and Rachel are now secretly in cahoots to ruin the factory owner. Can they outsmart the conniving love cheat?

While Ross and Debbie arrange to meet up, Pete is planning a romantic rendez-vous of his own. Having noticed Debbie doesn’t seem too jazzed about their upcoming wedding, he wants to surprise her by taking her away for the night.

Hard times hit Belle, who loyally stands by as her poorly pony Hamish is put down by Paddy.