For the Love of Animals: India

Paul O'Grady bids farewell to India's animals as his journey comes to an end

Paul O’Grady bids farewell to India’s animals as his journey comes to an end. Paul is in Kaziranga National Park looking after a herd of eight baby elephants.

After helping the resident vet treat an infected ellie-foot, Paul takes them for a walk into the forest where they learn to be wild. ‘There is something about them,’ he says, as he makes himself at home with the herd.

‘They are charismatic and magical and they are also very vulnerable and you feel that.’

Next it’s off to a sanctuary for sloth bears, before Paul is left heartbroken by some of the 30 million street dogs that live in India.

Paul’’ journey ends on a high with the rescue of a 12 foot-long Indian rock python, aptly named Rocky.