Franc gets caught up in a robbery

Franc gets caught up in an apparent armed robbery at a mini-mart, but Parvati, the shop owner calls Mitch’s bluff – he doesn’t really have a gun. Defeated, Mitch confesses the truth – he’s on release from prison and desperate to buy his kids presents for Christmas. Franc and Parvati take pity on him and decide to help.

Ayesha loses it at Franc, after their disastrous date the night before and when Emma suggests that Ayesha needs to curb her drinking, she explodes again. Later, she is tempted to have a drink, but instead pours the contents of the bottle down the sink.

Mrs Tembe is looking for someone to play Santa for the children at the Church Hall party but there are no takers. Al is handing out invites to his own ‘Yuletide’ party and Mrs Tembe takes offence – that’s political correctness gone mad. Al counters- he wants a non-denominational affair. An ongoing argument ensues resulting in Al pranking Mrs Tembe, but then apologising for offending her.