Al monitors Franc’s conversations and finds himself making excuses for him – he just wants to see his daughter. Franc then meets Gary, who tells him that he is pulling the plug – he has Daniel on board now instead. Franc panics, and tells Gary that it’s a long game; Franc can offer him a way out sooner. Give him a couple of days, and The Mill will be gone for good. Al listens in, aghast.

Izzy goes to see Jimmi when she suffers panic attacks and is unable to sleep due to a man she assumes is a bailiff knocking at the door. However, he reveals that he used to work for Izzy’s company and despite her boyfriend’s protestations of love, he’s been stealing from her.

The nursery call to say that Sierra has been biting people, and have excluded her for the rest of the day. Ayesha turns to Tracey, who reveals that she and her husband have discussed taking on Sierra permanently. Ayesha explodes, they just wanted to steal her.