Francesca corners Vanessa into revealing that Rhys is her ex, but she and Lucas assure her that it’s all in the past. Meanwhile, Rhys starts to realise how important Vanessa is to him and he challenges her to call the wedding off, though he won’t admit his true feelings. Later, Rhys sees Kyle’s invitation to their wedding and comes up with an idea to put a stop to it – he’s going along, too.

Summer is thrown when she learns that Bradley’s taken a job in Perth and assumes this means they’re breaking up. She confronts him, but Bradley assures her he doesn’t want to split up and Summer takes this to mean he wants her to go with him. Ultimately, she decides it’s time to broaden her horizons and announces to her friends that she’s planning to leave Erinsborough.

And with Sonya off to her retreat, Georgia is left with the boys for a week. However, when her kindly nature is taken advantage of, she turns the tables on them and starts to earn their respect.