After bravely telling his dad about his inability to have children, Marco had hoped that he and Franco could reach a new understanding in their relationship. But Franco is unable to hide his disappointment for Marco, who reads it as personal rejection and vows to shut his dad out of his life for good. Realising their future happiness as a family is at stake, Carmella clings to the hope that Marco and Frank can mend their relationship.

As the Parker household wait for Steve’s sentencing for perverting the course of justice, an anxious Nicola puts all her energy into looking after a stray dog. Meanwhile, Steve is consumed with the fear of being forced to go back to face his inner demons in jail.

Dan slips into the role of carer when Samantha comes home from hospital. But Samantha is determined to face the hard reality of her illness, and knows that means letting go of her dream of having a baby. Not prepared to lose Dan, she implores him to put the past behind them and move on. But when Dan suspects she has crossed the line again, Samantha suggests a drastic last-ditch solution…