Frank comes on to Maria!

Maria takes the day off to get glammed up for her evening with Frank, as Carla points out this deal could save the factory and she’s feeling the pressure. At the house, Maria helps Frank with the cooking and starts to relax in his company. He chats her up but she tells him she’s got a boyfriend so talk turns to business. They’re on the verge of agreeing the deal when Frank leans in to kiss Maria. She makes it clear she’s not interested, but he doesn’t seem put off.

Becky tries to forget about their row, but Steve’s not in a forgiving mood and orders her to work behind the bar with Tracy. Becky bites her tongue as Tracy baits her all day.

Graeme, David and Tina go for a meal at the Royal Panda. Xin’s down after failing to find a job and stuns Tina with the news that her visa is due to expire in two months and she’ll be deported.

Also; Audrey advises Gail not to oppose David’s engagement, and it will soon fizzle out. Gail acts nonchalant about Candy, but when David reveals the wedding’s in three weeks she can’t handle it; Izzy urges Owen to apologise to Eileen; Dev and Sunita receive an offer for the Swinton shop.

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