Frank drives a wedge between Carla and Maria

As Carla and Frank meet to discuss business Maria stews. Frank has a proposition for Carla and after a productive afternoon of talks at Nick’s bistro they breeze back in with an announcement to make, and it’s Maria who gets a nasty surprise from Frank.

Steve is gutted as he opens a letter from Liz. He then meets with his solicitor causing Tracy’s antennae to prick up and she smells a rat. As she tackles Steve as to why he’s been consulting a solicitor and guesses it’s about Amy, Steve may have to come clean.

As an exhausted Katy returns too school she’s desperate to make up with Chesney. Back at home she gets dressed up and sets the table for two, determined to make the evening a special one, but Chesney has a huge surprise in store.

Also, Tommy’s back after a bust-up with the Hortons and asks Tyrone if he can take up his offer of the spare room. But Ty is unsure whether he offered in the first place.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Relations sour at Underworld as Maria reels from Carla’s revelation and demands to know why she made this decision behind her back. Carla confesses she didn’t plan it, but points out Maria’s only an assistant and should do as she’s told. Carla’s ready to get down to business with Frank and tells Maria it’s time to put what happened behind her, maybe she led him on. Maria’s horrified and is worried she can’t let it go even for the sake of business.

When Ches sees the takeaway he rants at Katy for wasting money and storms out. Returning he finds Katy in tears, but as they kiss and make up she reveals she has something shocking to say which will change everything.

As Kevin’s forced to watch Tyrone playing best mates with Tommy, and Sally treating her mates to drink in the pub with his money he thinks things couldn’t get much worse. They could though, as a court official enters the Rovers and Sally serves Kevin a bitter blow.

Also, when Tracy discovers Amy’s passport is missing she confronts Steve, now convinced he was planning to snatch Amy. But Steve has other ideas.

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