Left with only half her stock and half her machines Carla’s forced to make some tough decisions and lay off some of the staff. She lets newcomers Eileen and Becky go, but also fires Sally, reasoning that she’s got her lottery money to fall back on. Livid, Sally decides to speak to Frank about how the business is being run.

Eileen accepts her fate, but she’s not quite so accepting when Lloyd admits he can’t give her her old job back on the switch. Feeling down, the only thought cheering Eileen up is a night out with Paul. But as she struggles to get hold of him on the phone it’s Marcus who tracks him down – in Freshco’s with another woman!

Sally puts her foot down over Kevin. Sophie’s annoyed to discover Sally spent the night with Jeff and asks her mum why she refuses to give Kevin a chance. Her hackles rising, Sally puts her foot down. She won’t allow Sophie to dictate to her and tells Kevin he’s not welcome at the house any more.

Also, Tyrone tells Tommy and Tina he’s having Kirsty round for tea and he’d like them to make themselves scarce.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Anne tells Sally that Frank’s got a proposition for her and would like to meet. Sally’s charmed when he offers her the job of supervisor at his new factory and agrees to try and recruit some of the other girls. But Carla is devastated by Frank’s latest blow.

Marcus tells Sean he saw Paul with another woman, but insists they don’t tell Eileen until they’re certain it is what it seems. Sean reluctantly agrees, but as an unknowing Eileen asks Paul to stay the night, and he surreptitiously phones his wife claiming he’s got to work, it looks like it’s exactly what they suspect.

Kevin can’t hide his sadness from his girls when he tells Sophie it’s best if he stops calling round at No 4 as Sally’s clearly moved on. Gutted, Sophie asks Rosie why their mum’s happiness has to come at the expense of them and their dad’s.

Also, when work forces Matt to cancel his date with Tina she heads home, interrupting Tyrone and Kirsty’s romantic meal. Feeling sorry for Tina, Tyrone asks her to join them, but he soon regrets it.