Carla is tense as she worries about Frank’s reaction to her confessions about Peter. But she is pleasantly surprised when he reassures her he’s not upset about her confession just glad of her honesty. Bumping into Peter and Leanne later he suggests they all move on now he knows the truth, which leaves Peter worried.

Asking Carla if she told Frank about their kiss, knowing it would kill Leanne, Peter is relieved to hear she didn’t. Insisting she’s focused on the future, Carla leaves. But later in the Rovers, Frank stuns her with a proposition of his own as he gets down on one knee.

Chris is keen to keep news of his illness quiet, but when Karl reveals all to Jason and Owen, while trying to defend Lloyd’s decision to let Chris move in, his secret is soon out. It seems Lloyd’s good intentions towards Chris have backfired.

Also, Becky’s depressed when she receives a letter about the divorce on what should be her second wedding anniversary.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Carla battles her emotions and chooses her man. All eyes are on Carla as Frank nervously waits for her reply. Peter’s ashen too until Carla hurries out claiming she needs time to think about her answer.

Frank worries that Carla will reject him because she has feelings for someone else, and he knows fully well who it is. Meanwhile, Peter bumps into Carla and asks if she’s not sure about Frank because of her feelings for him. Carla’s furious, accusing Peter of selfishness. Frank comes to see her to ask if she is in love with Pete, but she tells him that she is completely over Peter and has made up her mind. Her answer is yes!

Fiz is emotional as the Croppers show her pictures of Hope. She’s still insistent she’s better off with them. But when Fiz chats to a mum at the mother and baby unit she begins to see things in a different light, and starts to bond with Hope.

No 13 is unlucky for Lloyd as Cheryl and Lloyd agree to try and iron out their differences. But it soon becomes clear that three is a crowd.

Also, Sylvia decides the cafe needs a firm hand.