Frank puts the pressure on Maria

Maria‘s unnerved when Frank calls to say he’ll be at the factory tomorrow to check on his order. But as Maria presses the girls for an early start it’s clear they’re not happy with her management skills, as she battles to keep the workers onside

Gail plays Kylie at her own game. As Nick and Gail plot, Nick reasons Kylie’s a gold-digger so they should pay her off. Agreeing to let Kylie hold her hen do in the bistro, so not to arouse suspicion, Nick comes up with the thousand pounds. Gail’s uneasy with bribery, but seeing no other way to get rid of Kylie she finds her outside the bistro and launches into her proposition – she gets one thousand pounds cash if she leaves town.

John helps Chesney to move the old furniture from the Stapes to the flat. Fiz is panicked to find the bag she hid with the two thousand pounds has gone missing. A horrible thought occurs to Fiz that it’s been stolen.

Also, Xin’s moved by Graeme’s support as they prepare for their wedding; Faye presents Anna with another gift.

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