Frank steps up his plan to ruin Carla

Carla’s struggling to hold it together at work and when Anne questions her about losing a big order, her brittle facade is shattered and she screams at her to get out. Reporting back to Frank, Anne affirms Carla’s clearly cracking up. While Frank’s satisfied she’s playing into his hands, he admits they need to do something to stop her from ruining his business. Alone in the factory Carla’s gone into meltdown. Hearing this, Stella heads over and offers some wise words. But just as Carla finds some strength, Anne walks in to deliver Frank’s latest blow.

When Eileen discovers Paul’s left his wallet she sees it as a great excuse to call at his house. But it quickly becomes clear that a shocked Paul doesn’t want her there as he practically shuts the door in her face. Eileen’s convinced he’s gone off her.

When Kirsty spots Tyrone‘s strange reaction to Jack he’s forced to tell her the truth about his past. He’s convinced she’ll run for the hills, but will Kirsty surprise him? Meanwhile, Tina’s annoyed as the locals warm to Kirsty, claiming she’s seen the real Kirsty.

Also, when Sian announces she’s going on holiday with her mum Sophie‘s desperate to come up with enough cash to join them.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Carla’s astounded as Anne’s removal men take 49% of the materials and machines from the factory, but calling her solicitor she realises she’s powerless to stop them. Insisting she won’t take this lying down Carla reveals she’s going to confront Frank and Maria’s forced to drive her to his house. Once inside she becomes emotional on seeing Frank and as she screams abuse Maria’s forced to pull her away. Back at the factory the day has a final sting in its tail when DC Malone arrives with shocking news.

Eileen finds Paul on her doorstep after his brush off earlier. Apologising he tells Eileen there’s something she needs to know – his brother recently split with his wife and is stopping at his house. Eileen’s won over and as they enjoy another date Paul admits he was once married, but he isn’t being entirely honest.

When Matt’s late for a date with Tina, Tommy glibly tells her he’d be happy to step into the breach. Walking in on this Matt takes Tommy to one side and gives him some words of warning.

Also, Sophie’s gutted when she fails to come up with the cash to go on holiday with Sian and her mum. But as she goes Amber insists they can still have fun.