Nancy is still finding it hard to adjust to life at the Osbornes’, especially when her and Frankie come head to head once again as Nancy and Darren walk in on Frankie and Jack in bed together. And Frankie is annoyed that Nancy is calling the shots when it isn’t even her home.

Bart and Sinead enjoy a carefree day at the fun fair but soon discover the harsh realities of their newfound independence and are forced to look for jobs. Back in the village, Jason is floored to learn that Bart and Sinead have run away – and claim they’re never coming back.

Brendan’s plan to get rid of Noah takes shape as Noah is offered a job interview in Newcastle. Brendan decides to play on Ste’s insecurities which only leads to rows with Noah prior to the interview, sure that moving to Newcastle will tempt Noah to be unfaithful. Noah tries to persuade Ste that he would never cheat on him but the seeds of doubt have already been sowed by Brendan.

Also, quick to move on, Rae’s plans to set up Theresa backfire when Theresa accuses Rae of setting her sights on Will.

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